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Fart Facts and Farting Noises - Weird But Cool!

Fart noises make one feel embarrassed and discomfit. The reason is very obvious - you get spotted when you fart as farting noises are really weird.

Who farts?

Farting is a biological fact that every one fart a number of times a day and produce fart sounds. There is a misconception among many people that men fart more than women. The truth is that everyone farts producing weird fart noises. Some animals like cow, elephant, etc. also produce loud and irritating fart noises.

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Many people enjoy silly jokes and funny games based on farting and farting noises. At Dotfart, you can enjoy a farting game – “The Farting Dot”. In this game, we have made the weird fart sounds a real fun. You need to count the farts in the dot and take part in the farting contest. Please don’t forget to use a speaker or a headphones so that you can enjoy the game The Farting Dot containing farting noises.

You can also place a farting dot and make your myspace profile funny. If you have any funny humorous ideas related to our farting dot website, you can customize your site by placing a simple code for farting dot available on Dotfart.

Some Fart Facts

  • Flatus or flatulence is a scientific name for a fart
  • Termites are largest farts producers.
  • Farts lighting is a process of setting the farts to fire but it is dangerous
  • Farts gases include nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and oxygen
  • The person who creates a fart smells it as much as those around him
  • Both women and men fart

Fart Jokes

Fart Jokes

Fart Noises
Fart facts, fart noises, fart sounds. Weriod but Cool!

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Little about Celebrity farters, fart button, fart machine!

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Fart Blast, Light up your Fart Gas!

Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

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