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Do you want to add funny fart sounds effects to your funny videos, websites, or blogs etc? You can easily get free fart sounds online and download them to use wherever you wish to. There are numerous sites available which provides fart humor by means of funny video clips and funny pictures. These have funny fart sounds effects. You can download free fart sounds online or can also add farting sounds so that other people can use them. You can add these free fart sounds to funny farting videos. Funny fart sounds effects will add extra farting humor to video clips and funny fart animations. You can also create e-cards related to fart humor and insert free fart sounds in them.

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At we present you complete farting humor. You can download fart sounds and add it to your website or blog etc. Also you can share your farting experience with other fellow farting crazy people. View funny videos having farting sound effects too. We also help you to download funny farting video clips online. We provide you with the numerous options from where you can download hilarious fart jokes and stories along with fart sound effects.

We also provide code for fart button for your website. You have to simply copy the code from our site and paste that code. Try it, it is great fun.

Fart Information : Did you know that fart combines gases like methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and hydrogen sulfide. When these gases are released from a personís body through anus a fart sound is produced.

Fart Jokes

Fart Jokes

Fart Noises
Fart facts, fart noises, fart sounds. Weriod but Cool!

Create a Fart
Little about Celebrity farters, fart button, fart machine!

Lighting Fart Gas!
Fart Blast, Light up your Fart Gas!

Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

Reincarnation Station
Find out what you'll be in your next life

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