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Farts are a usually the result of eating food that a person is unable to digest, over-eating, or due to gas produced by some food that the person has eaten. When this excessive gas is released from the body (through anus) a farting sound is produced. Many people enjoy silly jokes and funny games based on farting and farting noises. Dotfart’s Farting Dot is really exciting. Dot Fart offers a thrilling Farting Dot game which is simple yet a lot of fun. The game is simple but offers real fun and entertainment. To create a fart through the dot fart button, all you need to do is to click on the fart button it to hear fart sounds.

CREATE A FART : Dotfart’s Farting Dot is really exciting. To create a fart through the dot fart button, all you need to do is to click on it to hear fart sounds. For this, you simply need to copy a simple code available at Dot Fart, and paste it on your web page.

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FART BUTTON : Add a little bit of extra humor and excitement to your site by adding the Fart Button or Farting Dot to it. The fart button code when placed on your site will add an extra Xing to your site. So what are you waiting for?

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FART LIGHTING : Fart lighting has been displayed in many comedy shows and movies as part of fart humor.Fart lighting involves setting to fire the gases which are produced while farting as the fart gases are combustible. Fart lighting is generally practiced among young carefree men who are daring to do anything for fun and entertainment.

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FART MACHINE : A fart machine is a device with the help of which you can produce different types of fart sounds. Fart machine is really a good tool to create humor on any occasion. It spreads real laugh at parties, school or at home.

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FART SOUNDS : Play the game and get the real feel of funny fart sounds. In this farting dot game with funny fart sounds, you need to guess the number of fart sounds you hear when you click the fart dot.

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FARTING : Farting Dot Farting Contest is quite exciting and humorous for fart humor loving people who are always in search of funny fart jokes and games associated with farting. The Farting Dot Farting Contest is quite simple to play

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FARTING NOISES : At, you can enjoy a farting game – “The Farting Dot”. In this game, we have made the weird fart sounds real funny. You need to count the fart sound you hear on clicking on the dot and take part in the farting contest. The Farting Dot containing farting noises.

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FLASH FART BUTTON : Flash fart button will make your myspace profile really funny especially for those who like sharing fart funny jokes. With the help of this amazing fart button you can spend fun times with your friends.

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FREE FART SOUNDS : Funny fart sounds effects will add extra farting humor to video clips and funny fart animations. Create e-cards related to fart humor and insert free fart sounds in them. You can add these free fart sounds to funny farting videos.

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FUNNY FART JOKES : As the farting concept has enjoyed a place in comedy movies, funny fart jokes are popular among those who love to laugh. You can share these funny fart jokes with your friends and have a great time

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Fart Jokes

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Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

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