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Farts are a usually the result of eating food that a person is unable to digest, over-eating, or due to gas produced by some food that the person has eaten. When this excessive gas is released from the body (through anus) a farting sound is produced.

Fart lighting has been displayed in many comedy shows and movies as part of fart humor. Fart lighting involves setting to fire the gases which are produced while farting as the fart gases are combustible. The gases evolved during farting contain methane, hydrogen, etc. As fart lighting can lead to burns to the person on whom the trick is being played, it is a risky thing to do. Even though fart lighting has comical value attached to it, but it is discouraged because of the fact that there is a certain degree of risk attached to it. Fart lighting is generally practiced among young care free men who are daring to do anything for fun and entertainment. The Internet is a resource of plenty of funny fart videos showing fart lighting with fart sound effects that too absolutely free.

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