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We at offer you to play Farting Dot Farting Contest which is quite exciting and humorous for fart humor loving people who are always in search of funny fart jokes and games associated with farting. The Farting Dot Farting Contest at our website is quite simple to play. You have to click the Farting Dot and guess the number of farts you can hear in the farting dot. There are other things also that you can enjoy like fart funny jokes and farting comments that are available on our site. You can also view funny video clips, funny pictures, funny games, and funny birthday gifts and so on. Also from our site, you can copy a Fart Button myspace code and simply place it in your website code to add fart button to it. Adding a Farting Button to your blog, site or forum is absolutely free.

More about farts

Do you know why farts smell?

Farts Smell due to its gases especially hydrogen sulfide. Hence food containing sulfur such as eggs and meat, etc. result in foul smelling farts.

Why are beans called farting food?

Beans contain sugars that cannot be digested easily by the human body. Gas is produced during beans digestion and hence it results in farts.

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Fart Jokes

Fart Jokes

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Fart facts, fart noises, fart sounds. Weriod but Cool!

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Fart Blast, Light up your Fart Gas!

Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

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Find out what you'll be in your next life

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