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Kara Dec 20, 2005 : lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz
Chase Dec 20, 2005 : Make a burbing dot.
catfishrob Dec 20, 2005 : this is hilarius! i got my friends thinkin i was doin it
Me Dec 19, 2005 : Now I have to fart.
jay Dec 18, 2005 : that is cool
father christmas Dec 18, 2005 : theres 7000000000
sbd Dec 17, 2005 : made me laugh
loudest_farter_around Dec 17, 2005 : i guessed like 24 but it was wrong so but i like that it is funny i know it is weird for a girl to think farting is funny, but hey it is a god given talent and its the only one i have
LaUrA and CaSeY Dec 16, 2005 : we laugh 'till we cry, and we crap in our pants and skirts. . . hee hee hee hee
LaUrA Dec 16, 2005 : i laugh my ass off when i here that , and so dose CaSeY. . .ha ha farts
katy Dec 16, 2005 : thanks! i'm at work and i needed a laugh. and a good cover-up. everyone in the office thinks the computer farted instead of me. "how did you get the computer to smell like that?" they all ask!
meghan Dec 15, 2005 : this is halerias
Brunzie Dec 14, 2005 : Funny AS!!
Nadim Dec 14, 2005 : Here is my commentIwant a farting machine.Badly.
huggy bear Dec 14, 2005 : this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. i guess i like farts because im a guy but hey. it sounds like me after 3 cups of baked beans! HA HA HA but seriously.
the fart man Dec 13, 2005 : WWWWWOOOOWWWWW I cant even do that many
poop Mcfart Dec 11, 2005 : wow. this site RULZEZ! and if u clik really fast is yells HOOWAHlol =^O
fart laughter Dec 10, 2005 : i like this site because the farts make me laugh so hard i almost pee my pants
dafartmister Dec 10, 2005 : AAAAHHHHH much better!
farting mcfaitingfarter... The masta of da farts! Dec 10, 2005 : Yo.. My name is lil' bow wow.. yo prob heard of me.. well anyways dude.. I hope yo listenin' to ma' farts!! catch yo later dude.. lil bow wow
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Question: From jay: how did you come up with the farting dot?
DotFart Answer: A long time ago some people were considering what would be the absolute worst email address. Inspired by a Saturday Night Live sketch involving the worst ever domain name ( we agreed on - it's ridiculous AND hard to remember. Later, a web design company was doing a trial project to test the skills of a Flash developer and they thought it would be funny to make a farting dot. The domain name and flash animation were combined, and this is the result!

Question: From Thomas: How did you guys create the farting dot?
DotFart Answer: The site is simple html and Flash animation. The process by which the farts got into the dot are a secret, though!

Question: From jordan: Does this website have anything else on it????????
DotFart Answer: Not yet. But we are open to suggestions!!!

Question: From Eric: It needs more fart sounds
DotFart Answer: We hear this request a lot. We feel that the selection of farts represents the widest variety of farts available from any farting dot, anywhere. To add more farts might be redundant. We have covered wet farts, slurping farts, long farts, squeakers, drum-and-bass, and all the favorites. So, there are no plans to add more fart sounds at this time.

Question: From cvnjyfgynd: you all suck donky balls
DotFart Answer: Amazingly, we get this feedback on a regular basis. No, we don't. You probably want to see some donkey fart videos?

Question: From valeri berg: Could you please tell me how I can download your "Farting Dot" - I\'d like to send it to my brother via email. Thanks.
DotFart Answer: The dot stays put right here, but you can send him the link using the 'send this to a friend' link up above!

Question: From Anon (Anon) : Why is it here?
DotFart Answer: Why are any of us here? Let's just be thankful that the incredible farting dot is here - imagine a world without it!!

Question: From Noelle: take out the backround noise so that people in other rooms think that that person is really farting.
DotFart Answer: Without the music, we feel that the dot lacks it's character and is therefore less funny. It's not a simulator or a whoppee dot, it's an experience!

Question: From dot: Do the farts come of someones bot or are they fake?
DotFart Answer: These farts are 100% authentic US-made flatus.

Question: From Chad: Hello, I would love to have the code for the fart button so I can put it on myspace!
DotFart Answer: Your wish is granted. See the link above to myspace fart code!

Question: From kiana: Why is there only stuff about a farting dot? You should put real information, or at least something funny. this is a stupid website! Where am i supposed to go to find REAL information?
DotFart Answer: We'd love to!! If you have any ideas about where to find such info, let us know!

Question: From Nikkole: Hey!First,I want to say that this site is weird in a cool way.But could you change the music.It sounds like you just ran a search for annoying music a choose the first thing you found.Try searching for Pop or somm;n you will still be annoying and a lot less boring.I also wanted to know how you cam-up with the idea for this site?
DotFart Answer: We like the music, and we appreciate the 'wierd and cool' comment. Thanks!

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