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Fart Machine

A fart machine is a device with the help of which you can produce different types of fart sounds. If you want to play a prank on your neighbors or any friend fart machine is ideal. Fart machine is really a good tool to create humor on any occasion. It spreads real laugh at parties, school or at home. Fart machines work using a remote control. The fart machine can be easily hidden and can work using a remote. You can simply place the fart machine near your victim, customize the fart sounds settings and then press the fart button. You can also gift a fart machine to your friend who likes fart humor.

Some fart machines have a fart detector inside it. This fart detector detects the methane fart gas. When the gas is detected, an alarm is activated and fart sounds are produced.

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At, we help you find the ultimate fart machine. You will definitely like the fart machine and fart machine sounds .

We provide free fart button code if you want to add the farting dot to your website or blog. This button when pressed produces farting sounds. You can also take part in the fart contest by just entering your guess about the number of farts in the farting dot. This flash fart button also helps you make your myspace profile attractive and funny. You can also view fart facts, funny jokes, fart video clips and more. You can place your comments about farting on our website. In this way you can share your farting humor with others.

Fart Jokes

Fart Jokes

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Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

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