jimmy May 20, 2006 : I am so ispired by the holy blue source of endless snickers and tee-hee's, giggles and gafaws that I now must consume mass quantities of garbonzo's,bran,brocolli,pinto's and of course, the classic refried source of leguminous enzymatic action in an attempt to pressurize my very own 'dot', if you will. My 'dot', however is not blue, but usually kind of pink, unless there is an accident .Thank you o' genius behind the dot ! One request however..., at some point you must add to the seemingly limited vocabulary of blaps,spoinks, squeeks,flutter blasts, flappers,and snappeyslaps contained within this wonderful dot. Thanks !

Fart Jokes

Fart Jokes

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Fart Jokes
Fart Jokes

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